Smashing the DC Monopoly With Article V

Former Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) joined The Glenn Beck Program on Friday to discuss his new book Smashing the DC Monopoly. Although the Constitution established a framework for limited federal power and expansive personal freedoms, self-interested politicians and activist court rulings have seriously imbalanced the system. Coburn’s book argues for an Article V amendments convention as the best solution to limit the power and scope of the federal government.

“The big problem in our country is chaos,” Glenn said Friday on radio before introducing former Senator Coburn. “The reason why so much of this is happening is because we have violated the Bill of Rights, we have so weakened our Constitution [that] the balance of power is broken.”

The Constitution’s Framers anticipated a time when self-interested officials would be unwilling or unable to act in the people’s long-term interest. So they included the safety feature of Article V that allows the people to propose amendments to the Constitution through the actions of their state legislatures.

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Coburn writes in Smashing the DC Monopoly a statement made by patriot William Barton about Article V:

This clause ought to be written in letters of gold. We ought to observe the excellencies of the Constitution. There’s a fair opportunity for amendments provided by the states, but this clause should be written in letters of gold.

“Glenn, I think our country’s unsettled, and people know something’s wrong,” Sen. Coburn said.

Smashing the DC Monopoly hits bookstores everywhere May 30, 2017.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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