Pro-Life Pledge

We need to band together and stop the slaughter of our unborn children. The Pro-life declaration needs your help, sign the pledge, stand for what is right, stand for what is just, stand for life!

Head over to and sign the pledge.



The Pro-Life Declaration:
1.   I believe every life has dignity and limitless potential.
Despite age, physical ability, or vulnerability, everyone should be given the opportunity to live and make their mark in the world.
2.   I believe the “right to life” is the most fundamental right protected by America’s founding documents.
America’s forefathers recognized the importance of the “right to life,” citing it as the first of all rights given in the Declaration of Independence.
3.   I believe life should be protected and defended from the moment of conception until natural death.
Abortion must be prevented at every stage of development. Every human has the right to a full life.
4.   I believe grace, compassion and understanding are essential to protecting life.
We must be committed to working across racial, ethnic, religious and economic divides to restore the sanctity of human life in communities across the world Youth Ministry. Don’t let your child be let astray in these dark times.

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