March For America?

March For America

Whenever you begin any endeavor where you have no intention of delivering the results you purported to in the onset, and have cloudy accounting principles to hide these intentions you have just engaged in a con game, make no mistake. When someone forms an LLC, or a corporation in a state other than their state of residence you must ask, “Why?” When you see large groups of people questioning the actions of the organization you must question the reasons. When you see the leader of the organization repeatedly flinging accusations that he cannot support, and drawing endless lines in the sand you must accept that the organization is not what it was put out to be, and that there is an alternative motive driving it from within.

Such an organization is March For America! What Scott Binsack started as a patriot group quickly morphed into a semi-marketing internet machine diverting funds and dropping orders for products, while shorting suppliers, and launching into attacks on anyone who dared to question the actions of the principles within the group. Combine this with endless rants on social media, real or implied threats, and outright lies, and you have a full blown business model designed to divert money from good intentioned Americans who only wanted to support a change in direction for our country. This is unconscionable!

Scott Binsack’s record is free on the internet for anyone to see. In spite of his explanations and rants, he has left a trail of failed businesses, convictions, and victims of his endeavors well back into the last century, and that’s not slander people, that is documented fact! In this latest effort he has added a new twist of religious fervor which caters to elderly women, his victim of choice. He mounts his pulpit nightly ranting in his convoluted style, bringing in news stories which he is happy to borrow from the likes of Alex Jones, Dennis Michael Lynch, or Outlaw Morgan, sometimes reading right off the iPad screen, telling his minions they “heard it here first,” lending the element of political insight or prophecy to his endless screaming.

Binsack will not and cannot debate openly with anyone who disagrees with him because he has no understanding of politics on even the most elemental level, and his limited education forbids any rational analysis of the plagiarized “news” he vomits every night. Jeremy Herrall invited him onto his LiveFeed where Binsack dominated the dialog in order to avoid answering questions about the tide of complaints coming in. There IS no “March For America” in any real sense of the word. When he finds his way to any public event he blends into the crowd, and calls it his own. With his “executive secretary,” Dawn Morgan, working tirelessly from some hotel, he bolsters this by creating endless Facebook Avatars to give the illusion of national support, while orders for items ordered by believers are being dropped or simply ignored. Anyone who dares to challenge this in even the slightest way is quickly told to, “Pack their ‘items” and slandered to the nines!

Binsack is very good at simple illusion, but poor at details, which quickly reveal his cons on many levels. He goes on and on about “off shore” bank accounts, yet lives between the apartment of the alleged mother of one of his children, and the hotel room where Miss Morgan works tirelessly maintaining his web presence. He “broadcasts” from his car, or a conference room in Morgan’s hotel, which he calls the “studio” of MFA-TV. He claims to be picking up his BMW after replacing the rims, yet photos prove the rims are the same ones that were on the car weeks ago, making one wonder if the car was being customized or did Morgan simply run out of money for the lease. You would think he would simply draw money from some Swiss bank and buy the car! He discussed picking up the car, not inside the dealership, but in the parking lot with a mechanic, who is, of course, conveniently off screen. When he enters the car he notices certain personal items like his MFA coffee cup and phone holder are missing. This is where he’s not good at details. When you drop your lease they CLEAN the car for he next customer!

Jeremy Herrell launched an attack on Binsack recently, bolstered by two other FaceBook heavy hitters and true to form Binsack went into an hour long rant accusing Mr. Herrell of pedophilia, his claim of choice for anyone who untangles his confidence game. Meanwhile there are many investigations concerning March For America, far too many for Miss Morgan to stifle, irregardless of Binsack’s denials as he drifts from motel to motel.

How will March For America end? There are groups working to expose March For America, who are involved with state and federal law enforcement. It is a long and tangled trail because Binsack has a unique ability of keeping his toe just this side of the legal line. This present March For America train wreck is too complicated for him to manage all the elements, and this time he has created too many enemies, and burned too many bridges to tie up all the loose ends. If March For America ends in prosecution, or dies with a whimper is anyone’s guess. Anyone with common sense should investigate long and hard, and consider before contributing toward this effort.

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