Liberals, mainstream media attack Trump for being ‘exhausted’ in Saudi Arabia

During a speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, President Donald Trump deviated from his prepared remarks and said “Islamic extremism” instead of “Islamist extremism” — a phrase that can be construed as painting the entire Islamic religion with an “extremism” brush rather than just the extremist minority.

When the traveling press pool inquired about the deviation, a White House staffer blamed Trump’s error on a lack of rest and said that Trump is “exhausted.”

At a briefing with reporters a WH official said POTUS is “exhausted.”

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) May 21, 2017

The staffer’s admission proved to provide ample fuel for the mainstream media and progressives Sunday to bash Trump for his fatigue.

That’s because Trump, while running for the White House last year, routinely bashed Republican candidates and Democrat Hillary Clinton for being “low energy” and possessing “low stamina.”

In January 2016 while still in the midst of the Republican primary, Trump tweeted: “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be president. Jeb Bush is a low energy individual, but Hillary is not much better!”

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be president. Jeb Bush is a low energy individual, but Hillary is not much better!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2016

Indeed, once he secured the GOP nomination, Trump continued those attacks on Clinton.

“You ever see Hillary where she comes out and she’ll read a teleprompter and then she’ll go home and you don’t see her for three, four days, then she comes back?” he  asked at a campaign event last July. “She’s low energy, she actually is low energy. She’ll go home, she’ll take a nap for four or five hours then come back. No naps for Trump!”

And once news broke that Trump was “exhausted” while on his first foreign trip as president, many observers piled on, including those in the mainstream media.

They not only mocked Trump for being exhausted given his record of attacking Clinton and others as “low energy,” but many drew attention to Clinton’s record-breaking travel record as secretary of state implying that it’s actually Trump who has low stamina:

One of Trump’s favorite knocks on HRC in 2016? She lacked the “strength and stamina” to be president…

— Ali Vitali (@alivitali) May 21, 2017

Low energy. No stamina.

— Bakari Sellers (@Bakari_Sellers) May 21, 2017

“Low-energy Donald”.

— Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) May 21, 2017

cancel appearance cause too tired on day 3? Must lose weight, exercise,etc. Low energy for 70yr old via @dcexaminer

— Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) May 21, 2017

Trump doesn’t have the stamina to be POTUS. Low energy. Sad!

— Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) May 21, 2017

What’s he so exhausted from? His first weekend of working while in office?

— Kaili Joy Gray (@KailiJoy) May 21, 2017

After one day, Donald Trump is exhausted already, smh, what happened to having all the stamina in the world, remember him mocking Hillary?

— Mr. Weeks (@MrDane1982) May 21, 2017

WH announced Trump is “exhausted.”

Remember before he left, rumors were he wanted the trip to be shorter.

Dude can’t handle the workload.

— Eric Schmeltzer (@JustSchmeltzer) May 21, 2017

Hillary visited 112 countries as SOS. Never complained.

Trump is “exhausted” in his FIRST country.

Low stamina Donnie? #TrumpinSaudi

— ᖇ૯ძ ᑭคɿՈ੮૯Ր (@Redpainter1) May 21, 2017

I prefer Presidents who aren’t so exhausted after reading off a teleprompter for 30 minutes that they’re forced to take a nap

— Juan Tim Peechmynt (@Juan_Abbe) May 21, 2017

Three days into his trip, Trump is “exhausted.”

Secretary of State Hillary traveled 956,733 miles – 38.42 times around the globe.

— Hillary Warned Us (@HillaryWarnedUs) May 21, 2017

Monday marked the third day of Trump’s nine-day international trip. He began the trip by making a stop in Saudi Arabia, then jetted to Israel and plans to make stops in Italy and Belgium before heading back to Washington, D.C.

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