How The Trump Movement Is Killing Hollywood & The Media

Anti-Trump celebrities and several media outlets have foolishly used their platform to spew hate for President Donald Trump. The decision to put politics ahead of the best interest of their business has been ethically misguided and flat out stupid. This move has isolated and offended millions of Americans and certain outlets are now paying a hefty price for this misstep. We’re currently witnessing the slow death of leftist Trump-hating media outlets ranging from Us Weekly, ESPN and CNN to the Hollywood careers of previously beloved stars such as Amy Schumer and Shia LaBeouf. As their burial plots are getting deeper, entertainers and members of the Trump friendly alternative media are flourishing, and this phenomenon will only grow.

Well over a month ago, a Hollywood insider told me there’s a big shift going on in the entertainment and media industry. The source said that the industry is looking to produce more patriotic and conservative projects to appeal to Trump supporters and more conservative news outlets will pop up. At the same time, the industry is going to distance themselves from divisive celebrities who have publicly trashed Trump in a vulgar manner such as Meryl Streep, Shia LaBeouf and Amy Schumer. As my source predicted, the backlash has begun. Schumer recently announced that she dropped out as the lead star in the “Barbie” movie due to alleged “scheduling conflicts”.  LaBeouf ‘s – who started a hate-filled anti-Trump campaign with a live stream video titled He Will Not Divide Us – new thriller “Man Down” literally only sold one ticket at a U.K. box office earlier this month.

“At the end of the day, the movie executives and producers in Hollywood who supported Hillary Clinton still need to make money,” the insider explained. “The dollar is still important so they are not going to take a risk alienating a large audience simply because a star like Meryl Streep wants to mouth off and disrespect President Trump. The celebrities who chose to attack Trump over the past year – it’s starting to bite them in the ass now and they are receiving less movie offers.”

For years conservatives in Hollywood have refrained from expressing their political viewpoints since so many have been blacklisted from projects because of their beliefs. Conservatives can now breathe a sigh of relief because the stigma is changing. While so many actors in Hollywood spent awards season this year trashing Trump, singer Joy Villa boldly spoke out in support of Trump on the Grammy’s red carpet wearing a make America great again-themed dress. Her risky decision instantly paid off. She gained over 150K followers on her collective social media accounts, her album I Make The Static went to no. 1 on iTunes and Amazon and she’s been approached with several offers including film roles.


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